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With an estimated 13,000 trade shows, chances are that you can find the right one for your company. And Big Hats wants to be your partner. We can help you find products as simple as table tops displays and pop up exhibits, to helping you create larger exhibits and a complete tradeshow program. Because of our location in NW Arkansas we have access to some of the most creative designers and marketers in the country and can easily create a tradeshow program for clients in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana. Contact us today and get ready for your next show!

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  • Why Trust Us?

    Our passion is creating the program that will get you excited about trade shows. With over twenty-five years experience in the tradeshow and event industry we understand what it takes to be successful. Tradeshows can help reduce the cost of closing a sale by up 38%. We'll help you in every step of the process from finding the best shows to exhibit design and procurement, pre-show promotion, lead management, staff training, show site logistics and post-show follow-up.
  • Tips for Tradeshows

    Because of our years in the industry we bring you tips and techniques that will make you a better exhibitor and stretch you investment dollars. We even run specials from time to time on product and services, so check back often and let us be a part of your team.
  • Design Search

    Looking for that perfect design is alot like looking for a home you need to find something that just fits. We have a large selection of sources to help you design an effective exhibit design to entice visitors to engage you and take the action you want them to take. Click here to be taken to a world of exhibiting opportunities.

Client Exhibits

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  • 30 for 30

    Do trade shows confuse you? Ever wonder if you were doing things right or wrong? Have questions but not sure where to go, and why do things cost so much? For a limited time, help is here. Starting now and ending on October 31 I am offering 30 years of trade show experience for 30 […]

  • Old school is cool school

    You know the saying ” what’s old is new again” and that is true with the curved pop-up display design. Don’t get me wrong there are some scary looking displays floating around, but it’s usually because they’ve not been maintained and updated since the 80’s. Now with high-def printing, in-frame monitor mounts and all types […]


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Light ’em up!


Lighter’s aren’t for smoking anymore. Disposable lighters used to be a great gift, but they seem to have lost some luster since we all have gotten healthier by not smoking. Let’s bring them back as a branded marketing tool because they are still a great gift. They’re a great gift for outdoor lovers, realtors how […]

Daydream Believing


Ah, fall is in the air, football, leaves turning, crisp weather and Yikes! Time to spend the rest of your marketing budget or you could lose it next year. Have you been daydreaming about a new display or great branded gifts for customers or employees, but not sure you have the funds left? Let us […]

It’s Pumpkin Spice Time!


I keep waiting the word “Fall” to be replaced with “Pumpkin Spice”.” Pumpkin spice is my favorite time of year” or “aren’t the leaves beautiful during pumpkin spice”. I know people that never touch coffee that will drink a pumpkin spiced latte during this time of year. Along with hot chocolate and hot cider, it […]

“I had no idea”


How many of you know that Big Hats has a sibling? Arkansas Promotional Products is the name, and creating great branding promotions is what we do. Created as a division of Big Hats, so our trade show clients had a one-stop shop, we now look forward to helping all types of customers. So whether you’re […]